Is there a way to make some sort of flashlight?

I’m trying to make a hide and seek like map so the seeker needs a flashlight or smth, is there a way to make something like it?

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Not exactly what they are looking for, they want to simulate a flashlight, not do a prop that looks like one. A prop cannot emulate a flashlight. A prop can only be made to look like a flashlight.

I found the solution.

You may want to do this solution by foxydash in order to emulate a flashlight:

If any of these help you, check :white_check_mark: which solution works best for you so that others can make a flashlight :slight_smile:

there is no such possible way to make a flashlight system that is not well…crappy i mean sure u can use zones and tinted barriers to make one but thats only really good for a limited amount of view and cant point it anywhere in that kinda system best option is to hope they add a flash light item and map setting to make it darker in the map but sorry for pinging you @Shdwy but i kinda want to challenge you to make this and prove me wrong that this is not possible you dont have to accept seeing as it came out of the blue anyways have a good day everyone meow! :3

That was the longest run-on sentence since Don Quixote.

Anyways, uh… yeah given that you can’t sense what direction the player is looking in, this would have to be coordinate based. You could also do a game overlay directional system, but that’s janky and limited. Coords are the way to go here.

yeah i tend to ignore most grammar when im on the internet :sweat_smile: so yeah… anyways coordinate guide here i come to figure you out!

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