Is there a way to make sentries move?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was no.

Only through animation which takes up a lot of memory

yup I did that for my fnaf map it was interesting.

I only used 50% memory

hdyd animation? (hdyd means how do you do)

It really depends on how far you want the sentry to move. A few tiles wouldn’t take that much memory but a long distance would take much more.

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I’m also unsure. I can maybe see how, but it would probably be wrong

you can just deactivate and reactivate different sentries
but other than that no

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That’s what I thought!

  1. Nope. It’s not possible.
  2. With animation, yes, but it will be low quality.
    How to make an animation!

That’s what I meant to activate and deactivate sentries would take memory. (to add them at least for animation purposes)

yeah, but you can still do it tho

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Whoops! forgot abt that

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