Is there a way to make lasers only work on one team?

I’m trying to work on my new game yet I’ve only gotten triggers and repeaters to do the job yet it looks a little messy or sloppy. I also am wondering how to make a storage-type system where you’re able to put items in and out.

Any help is appreciated!

when do the lasers activate? game start, mid game, etc

game start (I want to make a sort of safe zone in my defend the objective game

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I would love to help, but I’m kinda confused. Could you specify what you mean by getting them to ‘work’ for only one team?

I want the lasers to hurt team 2 but do no damage to team 1 for example

lifecycle (game start) [event occurs → trigger relay] relay (specific team). relay [relay triggered → deactivate laser] laser (team scope).


Yo thank you (I didn’t even know relay existed 'till now)

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xD. at first I went straight into making Bedwars and found out I knew nothing (after taking GKC tutorial) so I found this and started looking through the devices.

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