Is there a way to make it so that when u run out of enrgy u have to wait a certain amount of time for it to come back but ONLY after you run out

@NavyCatZ plz help or anyone whi understands blocks. (I have a feeling it will require that)

You can use Movement Meters

If the tracked item runs out → trigger
(Trigger with delay whatever time you want to wait)
(Tracked item is whatever you use for energy or energy)
triggered → grant item
(Item Granter that grants energy or whatever you use)


What do you mean? Also, if you have an answer, mark a solution!

wait I still need help

how do i make it so that I slow down when I run out of energy

I saw it on the movement modifier but when i used it I just stopped

In the movement meter, you can change to speed to 0.5 not 0

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tracked item runs out → Set movement speed 0.1 or something
Energy more than 0 → Speed 1 (Speed modifier)

I did and nothin happened

Maybe use a infinite checker that checks for a certain amount of energy and when the check passes change speed to 1

@NavyCatZ plz help i’m dying of confusion

Use a movement meter that tracks energy, wire it to a speed modifier. When the player runs out of item set speed to whatever speed. For the delay wire the movement meter to a wire repeater that has a delay and then when the delay is over wire that to an item granter that grants energy. Does that help?


By the way, don’t just mention me when you need help. There’s plenty of other people here who are great at this, and I’m also busy for a lot of weekdays.


In his previous posts, I think he used your guide that’s why he @ed you

No they are unrelated stuff. Nothing on him though.


sorry I understand. It’s just that very few people take the time to actualy explain. they just talk in fragments and I’m left worse of than I was before

thx that helps so much

Also does anyone know how to make it so when you enter a zone u get energy? I have it set up but it doesn’t repeat unless I go in and run back out and in again