Is there a way to make it so people can NOT see the questioner? If so, how?

I dont really have anything to add. thats my question right up there ^

be more specific…

do you want it so that it’s there but you have to fing it?

during the game, is there a way to make the questioner invisible.

Sadly, there isn’t.

no i have a button on the bottom left corner like the games capture the flag and one way out and stuff. but i want the actual questioner to not be seen. is this possible?

oh ok. thanks for replying

Normally, you could hide it behind a prop, or move it out of the way

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oh yeah that would work. thx!

Yeah. I was thinking letteraly making it invisible. I think exact, not creatively.

yeah. me too. i didnt think about moving it

It’s all good. Sometimes I don’t thing about stuff like that either

yeah, you have to be creative to solve things in gimkit creative. (hence the creative in gimkit creative) :upside_down_face:

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