Is there a way to make a chat where it allows players to say other players name?

After a tutorial on how to make a chat I was making a flicker game where players need to accuses people of being evil by there name


Modify some stuff and use block code for stuff like accusing:
“ITS [Player Name]!”

It is not that easy. Give me a second to type out a solution.

What you could do is store every players name as a property that you could access with concatenation. Then, make a popup shop where upon clicking a button, the next players name (next property) would be the header. Upon clicking the secondary call to action, a notification could be sent for all players[1], saying that (player name Property) has been accused or something like that. I have to go, so I’ll fix all bugs in a few hours!

  1. Use the notifications settings and NOT a relay ↩︎

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Thank you I have a lot of time and anything helps

is there a way to make a chat in general

Yes there is but I need there to be a way for players to say names of other players in the game for accusing