Is There A Way To End The Game When There Is Two Players Left?

In my among us remake, most of us know the game ends when there is two people left, i want to incorporate this into my map.

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I think if it isn’t possible for 1 player to end, there might not be a way for 2 players to end, so I think not, but it’s never impossible! :smile:
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It is possible to end the game when there is one player left, with live player counters, but those guides are only for one player left, instead of 2


Im assuming you’re using this guide.

What you need to do is change the code a little. Change the 1 in the trigger code to be a 2.


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what trigger code???

In part 2.

ok i will____________________

Will it automatically end when there’s two left? How can i add this

Part 2 of this guide shows you how to end the game with 1 player left. How to make a live player counter that ends the game at 1 player! 2/10 - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
All you have to do is change the 1 in the code to be a 2 and have an end game device end the game when receiving on the channel.

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