Is there a way to end the game when everyone has been KO'd except one player? (read description, in it is more important stuff, like why I can't use a regular player counter)

Here are some more important details:

I have a Gimlag in a battle royale map, so you respawn, so a live player counter won’t work since it tracks how many players are on the spectator team.

I need a way to do this that supports my Gimlag. Is this possible?

Edit, I cleared out lots of storage by replacing surrounding terrains with camera views, so now I have a little bit more than 1000 storage.

Thanks to whoever helps (or tries!)


well the counter would actually work if you make it count the players alive

Well, the players respawn, so technically, the players would still be alive.

It’s bedtime for me, so I won’t be responding for a while

well then make them not respawn

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What if you had a counter that was counting whenever there was a ko, then if you go into the block code of a repeating trigger you make the block code something like:
If "The property that the Ko Counter updates" equals "The property that the player counter updates" -1 broadcast message on "Game End"
But that wouldn’t work unless each player can only be ko’ed once, so this is just an idea, let me see if I can find anything else…

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Wait, so you can’t make a filtered player counter[1] check for all players who DON’T have an item, then use a checker to check if it equals one. If so, end game.

  1. The word filtered refers to how there is now a relay and/or checker in the build, filtering the amount of people who can trigger it. ↩︎


How could I code that?

  1. It’s educational, so I kind of have to let them respawn… (I want to be able to play it in class)
  2. The Gimlag has been part of my map for pretty much the entire game and I’d hate to delete it…

To make the system that ClicClac talks about (The way I built it only uses 270 memory) is just giving everybody an item on game start (Using starting inventory) then when they’re KO’ed taking it away (Using lifecycle wired to a item granter with negative value) and continuously checking if the number of bait = 0 (Using repeating trigger, checker and end game)

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Ok, I get it. I want to be able to drop energy though, so is there a way to make sure the player can’t drop bait specifically?

Here! Free advertisement, and it’s super, SUPER simple!

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This is the simplest guide about this I’ve seen by far. I even figured out how to change it up to suit my situation’s needs. Thanks!

Alright, no problem! Glad to help!

no longer at the perfect amount of solutions lol

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then make it so if you leave zone then the counter decreases… ;-; it has been solved bruh

Um the regular arena was too big for the zone

Can you flip the inputs around so if you enter a zone, it increments a counter?

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This still applies. It’s been solved anyway.

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No, I mean, put the zone in the area that you would be exiting and reverse the inputs.

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It’s been solved already, no more need to reply

  1. When you rerespawn, you will end up in that zone again.
  2. People who leave during the game will not be counted