Is there a way to create a tag game inside another game?

so. im doing a racing game, and i tested it out today, but what people mainly said was once they had finished the race, they were bored waiting for other people. is there a way to teleport to like a different spot in the map where they could play tag? but when they are racing they can not tag each other.

yes just put a tele at the end of the race and maybe a team swicher or somt (cuz i aint to good w/ those kinds of things) then put down a tag zone devise

Put a Tp at the end of the race, make sure the other side wont let them come back, and make it so when you come out of the tele, it’s on top of a trigger, which in blocks does this:
then make 2 team switcher, one that puts you on team 1 when receiving on Team1, and one that puts you on team 2 when recieving Team2. Then use tag zones for those 2 teams. hope this helps, if it works, mark as solution.

*forgot to say trigger needs to be invisible and triggered by player colision

what is a tp???

oh you mean teleporter got it

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One thing, instead of having them step on the trigger, you could have it so when player teleported here → trigger. Turn the collision off. And if you do do it via collision, set max triggers to one and shared by player.

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Also, there is one problem with the block code. Channels are text, but integers are numbers. Sounds silly, but between the create text with and random integer you need to have a convert numbers to text with commas block. I’m pretty sure you need to do this.

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could you show me what that code would look like?

For my merchant system you did not have to do this.

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Really? I need to go back and change monopoly. I always had to do that.

Huh, it worked without it. Ok then, never knew this. So then what is the point of that block?

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I think it’s channels that start (or are only) in numbers.

Really? Dang, I have messed up. Way too much memory down the drain.

is there a way to make a timer like in tag domination so one team tags for 45 seconds and then the other tags for 45 seconds?

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