Is there a way to add a minimap to my GIMKIT creative

is there a way i can add a mini map to my Gimkit so people can see each other on the mini map

Yes but that would take up a lot of memory.

No, actually, it’s truly impossible.

Making a fully functional screen was tried and is one of the hardest problems on the forum.

i would be fine with that

You can, way points is a way you can track the players, but a mini map may not be possible. because you can’t add images how can you add a moving image? you can’t.

A minimap is possible, but tracking your friends on it isn’t.

i would be good with just the map if you could help me

Can you recommend anything?

Basically, you need a truckload of text, blocks, and properties, only for it to lag out your map.

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How would i do that?

@Apoll02 knows more about this than I do. But you need to use a combination of coordinate systems, player ids, and text operations.


Would you hold the map? A one that sits on the ground is much more doable.

Okay thanks @getrithekd

i would do it on the ground

Like the among us admin table, how you can track which room a player is in. correct?

When did I become the expert, lol? How accurate do you need it, 1109628?

yes that is what i want

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not that accurate @Apoll02 2

You made the text display, and probably know more about how to reduce lag in that I do.

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i also have a space ready for it