Is there a trigger limit?

I made a topic like this before but it was instead about loop limits which was because I was trying to debug my game. After some testing, I may have found the problem but want more information on what is happening. I’ve hooked up a bunch of trigger loops to counters with a 0.1 delay on the wire repeater and they would immediately stop shortly after the game began. Assuming this is because of some sort of “trigger” limit, I wanna know the specifics.

There’s a DEVICE limit but there isn’t a trigger limit

why does this remind me of TTV

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Max devices you can place or that can be triggered at the same time?

The max devices that you can placr


I am aware of that, but I’m not having trouble placing devices. The issue is that the triggers stop triggering

the third variant :sob:

Ooooooooooooh… :skull:

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They won’t stop. As long as you don’t max out the device limit

Device limit shouldn’t have anything to do with the counters stopping

Sorry wasn’t thinking straight there.

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  1. that’s a weird limit to stop at…
    edit: if there IS a limit

I thought it was more than that…

maybe there is a limit to triggers getting triggered at the same time although that seems unlikely. i’m going off random here.

My game has a lot of trigger loops for charging and displaying ability charge percentages and they would stop counting up when I had 5 people playing after a short time (unkown amount of loops for each player because it varies)

It’s best if you put that in bugs

but how would you know it’s a bug???

I don’t think it is a programming bug/gimkit bug

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there is no trigger limit that you will realistically hit

the limit is allegedly 100k as reported by wingwave, but that is almost certainly a bug

so really you should have no issue

what would make more sense is that your triggers and counters lag the game a little bit and then it skips a beat and they stop counting. this happens to me often in my high memory maps.

also shdwy’s on like mental leave or something