Is there a reason why "Devices" is where off-topic things go?

The Devices topic, mainly about devices right? Well, it should be, but most of the time if I do something off-topic or anyone else, they say to move it to devices. Is there a reason for this? Because to me the Devices section is more like the Off-Topic section at that point.

Yeah, I’m guessing this is because some sections like Community Made Guides and Help are made specifically for things, and the devices section doesn’t really have a purpose. People think they can put whatever like Short guides or the “mayo jar” guide (no offense @TryEverything ).

I think cause usually devices aren’t really talked about, and its more like talking about them, which is rare. There’s not much in there, so its the best to put a flagged post, or repetitive guide, or something like that in there.

That makes sense. Thanks guys, I’ll mark a solution to close this.

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It used to be a topic where people ask questions about devices. But most of the players know the devices and it’s kinda useless. So some gimkitters made Devices places where off-topic things go (no, i don’t mean where you talk about stuff there), also mainly known as “The Dumpster”.

I mean, you could have just not @ me, but ok
(How To Make A Lectern! 0/10)

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Why did you link my post from another topic?

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