How To Make A Lectern! 0/10

Hello! Welcome to my guide! I am going to teach you how to make a lectern. :grin:

Step 1

Go into props and search for “wooden sign”. Select the first sign, and place it down. Make sure it is under the player.
Screenshot 2024-01-02 9.50.05 AM

Step 2

Go into props and search, “pole”. Click any of the first 3 options, depending on how tall or short you want it to be. You can also play around with sizing the prop. place it on top of the sign.
Screenshot 2024-01-02 9.50.28 AM

Step 3

Go into props and search “wooden sign”. Click the second option and place it down. Make it smaller, but make it big enough that a prop can fit on it. place it on top of the pole.
Screenshot 2024-01-02 9.50.41 AM

Step 4

Copy the pole from earlier and turn it on its side. Then, make it smaller until it is as long as the sign from the last step. Place it at the bottom of the sign.
Screenshot 2024-01-02 9.55.05 AM

Step 5 (optional)

Go to props and search, “codex”. Select any of the codex and place it on the large sign. Make sure it is above the large sign.

Screenshot 2024-01-02 9.58.49 AM

More cool ideas
  1. Make it readable! Place a button under the codex, and make sure it is not visible. Then, place a popup near the lectern. Write whatever you want. Wire the button to the popup, and make it so when the button is pressed it activates the popup.
  2. Make it look abandoned! You can do this by adding alien plants around the lectern, and adding some moss on the lectern itself.
  3. Requested by @eiqcrmeliutgwhc Add a small bookshelf underneath the lectern! You can do this by downscaling the bookshelf prop!
  4. Request by @gimmaster12345 Add a sentry behind it! They could be a teacher, service worker, whatever you want!

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Thanks for reading my guide! I hope it helps you!


Nice guide!


Cool guide!

minecraft go hard cool

nice and you might also want to add a small bookshelf under it (add it to the more cool ideas section)

Thanks! But what do you mean by small bookshelf?

make a bookshelf prop smaller

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like minecraft thers bookshelves props

Nice guide, @MirMirCreates !

pretty cool guide!

Thanks, @The_7th_Dragon

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Hey, @The_7th_Dragon ! Welcome back to the forums!

A add-on idea could be a sentry (service person) behind the lectern

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…I never left. I was gone for about a week…that is not necessary…

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Nice Guide, @MirMirCreates!