Is There A Loop Limit?

Been working on a game for a few months and after testing it with 5 people, found a bug where an overlay that displayed an ability charge value that increases by 1% every time it receives on a channel, will stop updating this value and you won’t be able to use your ability.

Haven’t had the chance to figure out when it happens yet though.

So I was wondering if this could be caused by a limit of how many trigger loops could be active at once as there is a trigger loop for each ability that broadcast on the channel that updates the overlay. There is also at the same time a similar system happening for a super/secondary ability too, but the bug doesn’t seem to (but very well could) be affecting it.

Another thought was that it stopped updating another player’s overlay upon knockout and for some reason would display the overlay to another person’s screen for some weird reason. Don’t know why this could happen but just an idea.

Quantum Mechanics

Extra info on maybe related stuff

Gimkit's Quantum Mechanics: Help Needed

This is for @Shdwy and dives into gimkit’s quantum mechanics. Basically, you can only broadcast on a channel 301 times instantly for that instant, and it’s the same fro wires, but it’s global.

I am aware of this and don’t think that would cause this because it doesn’t broadcast that many times in an instant. Is this for a specific channel or is it a limit of 301 of any channels.

301 for each channel.

Let me clear up a few misconceptions here.
One, it’s 300. Not 301. The reason you think it’s 301 is because that’s how you set up the system.
Two, there is a global channel cap, we just aren’t sure what it is.

Generally, though, the idea is that if you have a channel broadcasting 300 times in one second, it be incapable of sending further signals for the remainder of that second. The same is true for wires, but the cap number is a bit more arbitrary (300 for a single wire, 350 for total wire pulses).

Does that answer your question?


Yes. Unfortunately, this isn’t the cause of the bug then. Though I guess that’s a good thing as that would be a pain to fix.

Thanks :+1:

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