Is it possible to rotate a selected group?

I need this for my game. I made a mistake and its too big to restart it.

By rotate, what are you trying to rotate?

You cannot rotate multiple prop at once, however you can move them together by dragging over the props.

By the way, what do you need this for?

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I think the only way to rotate things is to rotate them one by one. I am very sorry. :cry:

I was trying to make swords for my game by using barrier blocks. I guess I gotta delete them now though :frowning:

NO! Just rotate them individually!

I made each sword out of like 100 barriers…

Uh oh, wait, idea! Just get a text box and use a sword emoji! :crossed_swords:


Why didnt I think of that before? Thank you so much!

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No problem, just wanted to make sure you got your swords. Good luck on your map!

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