Is it possible to make wandering (randomly moving) sentries?

just asking.
my friend claimed he made one that could.
i put it off for a long time and now im asking

No, you could do that with zones, but they removed that

You can make sentried activate & deactivate in a specific order to make it seem like it’s moving, but the sentry doesn’t share health.

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you can make sentry’s fall in platform that’s it unless you put a lot of sentry’s and work

currently, you can only activate/deactivate sentries…


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It is possible but it would take like half of your percentage for even a small area.

How to make moving sentries

Well, we found out the solution (No solution)
And making a moving sentry would be pretty much your whole map, not a little mechanic.
So no wandering sentries. :cry:

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