Is it possible to make sabotages?

I’m creating a basic Team-based Tag Game, and I wanted to make a purchasable upgrade that would allow a player to sabotage the opposing team (i.e make them slow them down, make answering question give less cash, etc etc). Is this even possible? If so, does it involve Blocks?

For slowing them down, let’s assume the other team is Team 2.

Vending Machine (Item Purchased) → Relay (Relay Trigger for All Players on Team 2)

Relay (Relay Trigger for All Players on Team 2) → Speed Modifier (Set player to configured speed).

The speed modifier can be 0.5x speed.

You can also reduce cash, but it requires blocks. Would you like an explanation?

i think if you use the vending machine and make it connected to a channel where when purchased transmit on… and make a speed modifier connected to the vending machine and so on so forth


Alright. For the losing the amount of cash earned, you could have a questioner → trigger1 → item granter setup. The trigger is important. When a player from team 2 buys the cash downgrade, deactivate trigger1, and activate trigger2. Trigger2 should be connected to the same questioner, but a different item granter that grants a different amount of cash.

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