Is it possible to make a platformer on gimkit?

I am making a longer and harder version of Don’t Look Down. (nothing sus about the post)

Not yet, but Gimkit is working on it.

You could simulate jumping in a bunch of ways, like a text screen or zones and teleporters, but it’s best to just wait for Gimkit.

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Right now it isn’t possible to make actual 3d games you could use layers to make it look 3d though.

I think that Gimkit is working on something similar rn.

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I agree with everyone who replied, but I may make a forum on how to build a Mario map that looks like a platformer and if Gimkit adds platformer updates, I may add that also!

Oh maybe like GD ooh im going to make that when they come out with 2d modes in creative.

Yeah, if it’s like DOD it’s not available yet. They’re working on it, though.

Which I’m glad about.

All of the above.

On the other hand, if you really insist, Apoll02 made one before.