Is it possible to make a gimkit game like pet sim 99

game from roblox

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How does the game work? Elaborate, users might not know.


you have pets that d*stroy breakables, then give you money to buy new pets with zones

i dont think it can be possible, unless a sentry can follow you, but the sentry moving is coming soon in the gimkit creative update, so just wait until sentry moving.

so its a standard tycoon game, got that, but like what makes it special and what else that makes it what it is do we need to know.

is the gimkit creative update the one coming next week?

its hard to explain, if you look up ps99 of youtube or Google there are videos on it

oof, you would have to make it an imaginary pet, or a very small area also you would need sentries on the other side of the breakable side so they sh0ot at them

pet simulator is a simulation game about pets, you use them to find coins, and diamonds. also the pets can follow you, which isnt possible in gimkit creative, yet.

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that’s a better way to explain ty lumpy

yeah that would take so much animation it would use all the storage

You can animate in gimkit?!?!?!?!

yeah with lots of triggers barrier art or other things.

yes How to make an animation!

You can try having sentries teleport over to you, and they can shoot at a damageable prop. Then the prop will drop items that you can collect (which I’m unsure about) that they can use to buy more powerful pets in shops.

just props, barriers, or other devices and triggers its pretty simple.

hopefully next creative update I will be able to have moving things

it is kinda hard to make a animation, glad there is a tutorial.

wait, they can just teleport?

there are many tutorials for specific animation of duplicates.