Is it possible to make a "clue" game (the board game)?

I want to try to make a game like clue.

For those trying to help:

How To Play Clue - Youtube

I don’t get how it works lol

All I know is that you’re gonna need lots of randomizers, properties and blocks

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Perhaps through a ton of block code

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For moving, just highly modified


@SOME_RANDOM_PERSON welcome to the forums! this could work for the dice, (i haven’t played clue in a long time)


Yes, Clue (as long as it doesn’t take up all of the available properties), should be possible. The most tedious thing would be making the board, but the actual mechanics would be easy. I can give you a more concrete answer if you want, but I would need to relearn Clue.


I created a clue game. Look it up on Discovery.

Really? Nice! However, that technically counts as promotion. It’s not bad, but it’s just something to remember.

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For the movement, use movement meters so you don’t have to account for each possibility and use lots of zones.

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Even better: make your own. Getting rid of the variable distance problem and allowing you to make the spaces more well defined.

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The movement is even better when you realize that Gimkit only lets the gim move on a set grid based on movement speed, so there really are only 4 places you can go with one tap. (At least, I think thats what BH said lol)

The cards could be done with 3 properties, two with 6 digits and one with 8 digits. You pick a random digit, set that to the murderer/weapon/room, then randomly distribute the rest of the digits to the players. Movement would be iffy but a movement meter sounds good. OOO! You could give the player 1-6 items, then give them 1-6 seconds or 0.5-3 seconds or 0.25-1.5 seconds of movement depending on their “roll”.

No idea how guessing would work. Probably would have to be a separate room that has all the options along with a “current” room storage thing. IDK. You would also have to figure out how to do the NPCs that aren’t players, though in all honesty you wouldn’t need sentries or anything, you can just do a color. After all, it doesn’t matter where they are because they can’t move anyways.

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