Is it possible to make a car driving simulater

were the player drives a car and every so often they get a win. when they get so many wins they go to the next one which is faster

also it possible to make a game where you build and then sentry’s spawn and try to k o you

For you first question, yes, I think @ClicClac made one. For the second one, I don’t know…

was it a racing game or one were you get wins like roblox for moving so far

well what I want to do is have a bairer with car looking things on top and zones when player enters zone there’s a wire to the car and when the player leaves the zone send hide
all cars when receive hide (hide)

I really need help plz

so it it or is it not???

No one come on I relly need help plz

Sorry, I’m on vacation! What you could do is for the first one, give the player an item every time they win. Then check for certain amounts of items and set the player to those karts if they have enough. (1 item = 1 win, unlock car 1; 5 items = 5 wins, unlock car 2) Hope this helps!

Very well known for a wise person.

not on gimkit like trying to make it were you can have it three d and be abel to jump

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