Is it possible to make a (blast ball) hit someone and kill them?

read the title please read title

I don’t think you can. If I find a way I’ll ping you.

Ya i thought that would be the answer :frowning:

Maybe have it enter a ball capture zone and have lasers activate over the zone? No specific way to make the ball do damage, though.

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no I don’t think so, @Jacob

Potentially lethal, you could make it so the bigger the ball, the more damage it does.

I think you can. Don’t all things have the ability to damage you?

This sounds like you are trying to make blade ball,
Sadly to do this is not possible, yet.

Oh yeah. But It would have to automatically target a random player.

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You can make the ball hit a person if they touch it. Follow this guide and make the zones activate a ball capure zone instead. (not sure if you can do that), and if the ball touches the zone, lasers activate over it.

in case if this helps with anything, I’m referring to how if someone just touches the ball, not like the ball comes to you…