Is it possible to create a custom boss in gimkit using mods and what not

so im thinking i will create a dragon boss but cant figure out how to do attacks like fire breath and stomp and what not but what im wondering as said in the title is it possible to create a custom boss using mods?

Animation? I guess….
I don’t know any mods soooo

yeah but it would be looped animation and it would be VERY tedious to to all the separate animations for the attacks and randomize almost everything on a channel

so what im saying is is there like a tool to use to create custom stuff on gimkit

anyways laptops bout to die so cant respond for an hour or 2 byeeeee (pls dont flag)

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Hello! No, gimkit doesn’t have anything like this. Modding right now is basically limited to zooming out your viewpoint. However, it is possible to create a mod-less bossfight!

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for like fire breath you could use this:

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You could make it’s attack activate a zone with lasers one by one with fire emojis showing

You can’t do it with mods but there are probably a lot of guides that might be able to help you create one yourself.

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