Is it possible to change speed using a property?

I am currently making a Mario Kart-style game. I want to make it so that a player can go through a rough patch of grass for a shortcut, and then speed back up to full speed, but the problem is that the player has a different speed depending on the kart they select. I already set up a repeater so that the player’s speed stat is linked with a property, but I can’t use blocks and I don’t know how else to link the speed changer to a property.
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I figured out how to do this, so in case anyone else is having this problem, here’s the solution: Have a zone covering the slow patch. The zone sends a signal to a channel, which is picked up by a trigger. The trigger then uses properties to send a signal to specific speed modifiers.

I think there is a guide on how to Add speed. How to Add Speed- Difficulty 2/5 or 🟨

maybe try to modify it to your needs

I’m afraid you’ll have to use lots of speed modifiers and use concatenation to activate the right one.

Yeah, like getrithekd said, you have to just use concat to pick the right one, and just be ready to have lots of different “situations” the code can end up in. [1]

  1. Signed, the GK8 dev. ↩︎

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