Is islands of gimkit a good name for my map?

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“Islands of Gimkit” sounds like a fitting and intriguing name for a map. It conveys the idea of multiple islands within the Gimkit game world, which can spark curiosity and interest among players. However, ultimately, the decision of whether a name is good or not depends on your personal preference and the specific context of your map. Consider the theme, setting, and gameplay elements of your map to ensure the name aligns well with the overall experience you want to create.

@GimAI i’ll consider the theme, setting and other stuff.

What is the game about, exactly?

The game is about that you start on an island and you have to go on different islands featuring plants, bosses, goals, and weapons to work to get to the mainland where the biggest boss is there when you destory it the game ends. Well i’m working on it.

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Do you want to play on my map.

:grinning: Like I said it’s in progress.

that is a good name :slight_smile: