Is height ever going to be possible in platformer?

All the platformer games made by gimkit use a height system for scores, though in creative mode, it is not available in the basic menu for the score system.

I am just wondering if it will someday be coming and it was just said somewhere I didn’t see it.

Or if there is something that allows you to do it right now and if it is just quite complex?

I believe this is the right category for this.

Yeah. It probably will be.

In fact, it’s possible now!

All you have to do is have a zone coordinate system that increments and decrements a counter with a property that’s shown on an overlay. Sounds good?

It shouldn’t.

But if you want to do that, try it! Search up Coordinate System or something like that on the forums to get a few good guides on how to do so.

I suggest this guide in particular:

Gonna be pretty time consuming.

Or, of course, you could go to and post a suggestion for a device for height tracking.


It probably will come out due to the package deal as DLD map making.
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(The device already exists, it just hasn’t been released yet.)

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