Invisible Sentry…

I wanted a sentry that wouldn’t hurt people from team 1. I set the sentry settings to team 1, and had him active on game start, but when I start the game there is NO SENTRY! Please help!

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Don’t put the other stuff on him?

Make sure he’s active on game start.

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He is active on game start. And the stuff on him is his bedazzlement! One cannot remove another’s bedazzlement! and I don’t know why having that on him would make a difference…


what’s the lifecycle set to?

sentries are active by default, so you might not need that wire there.

try putting him on sentry team to see if he’s active then.

Yeah, it wasn’t working even before i added that. That was my unsuccessful attempt to fix it

I did. Still invisible

Maybe make a new sentry?

I also Tried that too :frowning:

Is the sentry essential to your game?

Well kinda, yeah. Im making a choose your own adventure game

how would he make a difference? maybe you could just remove him, otherwise your game won’t work at all.

Well that would mean I couldn’t have ANY sentries because all of them are doing that…

Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?

How much memory have you used?

No I swear… I have not used hardly any… I just started this game so what you see in the pics is pretty much what I have

There is a glitch in hich if you have too many sentrys then some of them will not load during the game, even if here are less that the 100 sentry limit.

Well I only have the one…. I had a few more but they did the same thing

I left and came back in… same problem!