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I know you can now track gadget fire, but I am trying to make a area that will teach you how and what to build in fights. But i can’t seem to find a way to track if a block was placed or if it gets destroyed. Am I overlooking something or is this really the case.

Use a comunnication device with the ground and use a wire to the area using a area sensor.

I don’t think you’re wrong. It might be impossible :frowning_face:

Nothing’s impossible you know its possible

let me try that.

That s not a device, can you tell me what you mean?

Oh types in sensor not com

So, you’re saying that a water bottle just disappearing into thin air and then coming back and turning into a friendly, talking black hole it possible?

same thing.

how do you host a don’t look down creative on build?

if you have the season ticket you have access to Platformer. So when you go to create a new map it will pop up for which you can select platformer. Also welcome to the community!

I don’t think you can even track gadget fire, but you definitely can’t track whether or not a block was placed. There may be a way to tell if it left your inventory but that would be indistinguishable from just dropping the block. edit I just checked and you can track dynamic blocks with an item inventory manager. So, if you disabled dropping items you could use an IIM to know if they have placed the block but not where.

ok, so if i place it it will still track it asif it was dropped?And you can track gadget fire, i think its with a lifecycle or somthing.

Oh, you meant if a gadget was fired. For some reason, I read that as tracking the position of gadget fire while it was in the air. You’ll have to either turn off dropping items in the settings or use a zone with usable item dropping disabled. If you do the only way to update the counter will be for them to place the block.

are u asking if you can track if someone placed a block?

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Oh, that’s a weird to do it.

ok, so scince the block gadget (im assuming its a gadget here) doesnt fire, the lifecycle doesnt work.
Also does picaxe trigger the relay?
because if it doesnt. that enforeces my argument that only firing gadgets trigger the relay

and i tried sm stuff, and you cant track when block pressed.

this seems really hard to do

am i allowed to make a topic in devices asking for help on learning every mechanic in platformer or studying the code to see if we can recreate speed boost

yep its pretty hard

im pretty sure yes, but wt u mean by reacreate speed boost? dont speed modifires work??

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