Info log? (COD Zombies map)

Ok,need help again. I was thinking of leaving stuff like things that show what happened BEFORE the events of zombies, like One Way Out,but once again, i do not know how to do this. Help me out guys!

Just make papers you can read using that guide and make it so like if its in like a doctors office something like

The infection is getting out of hand!

Or something like that. Hope this helps!

what do you mean info log? like you record what you did, or pop ups? if pop ups, just put a invisable button over a paper prop and wire it to a pop up so when the click the button as reading it shows text.

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you can have the paper prop and have an button and wire it up to a popup and put the text on the popup and boom a paper you can read!

I think it’s pop up’s because @Cod_Zombies wants it to have information on what the world was before the zombies came

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you can do the same with the laptop or computer prop

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Yeah exactly! Just exactly what i meant! Finally someone understands lol

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Thanks homie, that really helped a lot!

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