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so I’m making a infection similar to snowy survival. Does anyone know how to make it end game when all the players are on the same team.?

Cooperative in map settings
but I don’t think you want this… its snowy survival…
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remember to check out:

Here ya go. Try this and see if it works.

It might be a bit out of your zone if you can’t copy it all, if so, try getritheked’s solution.

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There’s a few guides on that. Try searching for them.

Its helpful but I can’t find the wires

What you mean? Like you can’t/ don’t know how to connect them?

I think you can click z as a hotkey.

What I mean is like how their connected. like This happens- do this

Go into the player count section of it, then it should say live player counter, it has the wiring there.

And if it doesn’t work or if there is more wiring…

then I don’t really know… you might have to ask someone else. I don’t know what it would wire. :frowning:

I think this should work:
Required materials:
One lifecycle, don’t change any settings.
1 repeater, set it to trigger every 0.5 seconds.
1 counter, set the target number to 2.
1 relay, set audience to random player on specific team, and set the team to the team of the non-infected (If you used the default team for the players, it’s team 1).
1 end game, or game end. I can’t remember.

Here’s how to connect all of them:
Connect the lifecycle to the 2 repeaters (lifecycle event occurs–Start repeater)
Connect the one of the repeaters to the relay (Repeater triggered–relay event. I can’t quite remember what the wire actions were called.) Connect the relay to the counter. (Relay triggered–decrement counter). Connect the repeater to the counter (Repeater triggered–Increment counter)
Connect the counter to the end game.

How it works: This hasn’t been tested out by me, and I made this up on the spot, so it’s possible it won’t work.
The lifecycle activates the repeater once the game starts. The repeater tells the relay “hey, pick a player on the survivor team to make the counter decrement (decrease).” At the same exact time that the counter decrements to negative one, the repeater tells the counter, “hey, increment to 0.” Once all the players are switched to the infected team, there will be no one left on team 1 for the relay to pick to trigger on behalf of, so it won’t ask the counter to decrement. The repeater continues to tell the counter to increment, so it will increase to 2 in 0.5 or 1 seconds. Once the counter reaches 2, it says, “hey, game end! I reached 2!” The game end will listen, and end the game.

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