In GImkit creative I'm making a game that had people stepping on button to get that property, at the end a the game the most property win.How do I make it work?

Ill appreate if you help…

Anybody there?I love for some help, just of friendly person asking for help…

so, like, if i step on a button, i win?

Get a trigger, and a counter (player-scoped).

Triggered → Increment Counter.

Now, the counter should start at 0, not have a target value, and update a property called “#ofcounts”.

#ofcounts should be player-scoped and be a numerical value. At the end of the game, compare everyone’s properties using this guide and then get that person’s name using the triggering player’s name block. Now, put that name into a text property and make an end-of-game widget with that property.

(also, please be patient. you waited one minute. you can wait longer. i was typing a response too)

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You go to settings and then score and make the leaderboard sort that property high to low.

Oh. I forgot about the leaderboard. Boo hoo :sob:.

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Well you need to step on it to gain property, anybody can steal it, at he end the most team with the most property wins…

You can steal how much of that property?

by button, do you mean trigger?

Are you a GImkit employe?Your intelligent.

Ahh, when you said property, i thought you literally meant the property device. just use smarter peoples’ answers :man_shrugging:

no. but thank you!

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Yes basicly so yea …

1 of the property, yes

i’m so confused rn. what’s happening?

Read the chat and topic

ye ik. but your grammar has me confuzzled. by property do you mean the score or using an actualy property device? by stealing do you mean actually stealing “property”?

Enybody there?? dsdwasdwa

explain your problem as if you were writing a highly graded essay at school. or something. so i can understand. wait a few secs bro.

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By property I mean like you know if its a red vs blue game?Your the blue team you step on the tiled block, its now yours, the red team can steal the blue tile now its red,there will be about 10 min,who ever has the most colored spaces of there team wins…get it?