Improved Shield Cans Difficulty 2/10 🟩

Shield cans are annoying sometimes. You have to repair your shield then go back to shoot. But if you move, it starts all over and you have to click it again.

So shield cans being improved would be a nice thing to add. So do it!
This is a guide to make a shield that can be refilled/repaired without having it restart when you move, still cost shield cans, and you can use your weapon as well.

There are two ways. The advance system is a continuation of the basic

The basic system has only the button and the shield given. You can add more. This has no delay, quick click and get back to firing.

Basic Device
  1. Place down a game overlay. Set the overlay type to button, make the overlay text whatever you want, and put it so that it is not visible on start if you want to make it unlock-able.

  2. Connect the overlay to a vending machine. The vending machine should be set to transmit on channel and should be invisible during game. The required item can be what ever with this system. It could be heavy or light shards, shield cans, plastic or even SCIENCE (Research)

Screenshot 2023-10-08 2.50.16 PM

  1. Add a health granter. It should be set to shield, and the amount it gives can be any number (Lower than 5000). Connect the vending machine to the health granter, item purchased on the vending machine and grant player health on the health granter.


A more advanced system can be made. This one has a delay and notifications.

Advanced system
  1. Delete the wire connecting the vending machine and the health granter. Place a wire repeater in-between the vending machine. You can adjust the time it takes to replenish.
  2. Add three notifications.
    a. One should be in case of the purchase failing ex: Nope! No shield cans availible
    Screenshot 2023-10-08 4.58.35 PM
    b. The next one is that the shield is repairing ex: " Spacesuit Is Repairing"
    Screenshot 2023-10-08 4.56.53 PM
    c. The final notification is when it is done ex: All Done
    Screenshot 2023-10-08 4.57.36 PM

This is what my system looks like
Screenshot 2023-10-08 6.09.38 PM
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Edit: This also works with Med packs!


Nice job! This is a pretty creative build!


There’s also a glitch (i think) where if you spam click the consume button on the shield can it ends up granting health faster than intended (rektrainbow and me discovered it on the wix)


Love how you used the vending machine in substitute for the shield cans! I have to agree with you, shield cans are very annoying!


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