How do I make an infinite medpack upgrader?

I made a game that is like 1 way out, but way more advanced. Now I have added an upgrade that lets you use medpacks instantly using the game overlay feature, along with a checker and stuff. I want the medpacks to be able to be upgraded such that if you buy from a vending machine multiple times, the medpack will heal more(in shield) the more times you buy it.

Trigger clocks don’t have a delay modifier IN THE BLOCKS SECTION, so I can’t use that, and repeaters don’t have a blocks section AT ALL, which prevents me from using properties.

By the way, I have seen Improved Shield Cans Difficulty 2/10 🟩 and have full knowledge of how it works.

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Use the delay option in the trigger settings.

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Have you seen the Health Granter device yet? You could have multiple, continuously growing larger and corresponding to a number that the property can update to.

you cant do that but can replicate the effect with health granters and checkers that check and see if you have the med kit

Yes, however I would like to let the player upgrade this feature on the vending machine however many times they want. There are no blocks on the health granter, and none on the trigger, so I can’t use properties on them. I’m wondering if there are other ways to do this, perhaps using wire repeaters or something? I know how to use wires except for repeaters and the wire pulse block.

(edit: clarified my knowledge of wires)

The upgrade could deactivate a trigger, which is triggered by the overlay. When triggered, you can then wire it to the health granter

blocks are hard enough but wires man Thats a lil goofy that you do not know that but Hey we learn at our own pace so its fine but you can just get an overlay and a health granter and wire them and it will pop up with options you choose your option