I'm trying to make multiple idle money makers for my gamemode

Im making a game where I need to make multiple money makers without doing anything.

Try this guide @Idot
Welcome back!

Make a sentry for appearance. A repeater connected to an item granter for the mechanics.

I have tried this guide before and it wont allow me to have the player buy multiple of the same thing without breaking.

You need copies. (He was a good memory.)

You could use wire repeaters to just give you money, and make them start after using a button to buy them. Example,

Button activates wire repeaters 1 with a delay of 0, then it activates wire repeaters 2, with a delay of 1, and then it activates wire repeaters 1 and a item granter giving you cash.

You may want some art to make the button looking cool, or the generator.

Do you have a guide for this somewhere? (I’m not good with the gimkit coding stuff)

For the sentry? If so, you could just make a sentry on the same team as the player, and use the new sentry skins, in case you don’t know, and put on Stache, he will probably be the best look for you.

Um? You just build the same thing over and over again? Or you multi-select? You’re making Monkey Mart aren’t you? Can you please put the game name in the description so I can find it and play?

If so, he would be technically advertising.

Monkey mart? Yeah, that game is really funny, lol. But no, it’s not. He’s aiming for a Roblox tycoon game I guess.

Clarifying, He probably means sentries.

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