Im trying to make a capture the flag game but i dont have enough tag zones to do it is there any other way to do it?

Can anyone respond? i wanna make it

Will this help? If not, let me know.

How big is your map? How did you run out of tag zones?

theres only 6 you can have i have a pretty big map as big as the normal capture the flag

What game are you trying to make?

I don’t know how to make it where you can tag people without a tag zone. Maybe try to use weapons instead of tagging.

capture the flag. why?

So, your making a tag capture the flag, right?

but then wouldnt they just shoot each other at the other persons place?

Wait, why do you need that many tag zones? Is it like teams?

pretty much im trying to make it like gimkit capture the flag but different map

it doesn’t have the thing im looking for

Just make 2 global tag zones, and make the 2 teams on the settings. You can disable and enable it.

But, your making it so they have a certain amount of time to tag each other, then the other team gets to tag?

its like when they get in there zone the other team can tag the team thats trying to steal their flag.

Hm… let me think about it…

Have you changed the size of the tag zones to their largest size, or are you using the default size?

They are making it like the real capture the flag gimkit mode.

ive changed it to 3.0 in the tag distance but it doesnt change

I know that