I'm out of ideas, Can I get some Ideas for my next level (level 7)

At this level, you need to get a purple key card to unlock it, then I donโ€™t know what to put next

What is the theme of the map?

This might help!

You want unique ideas, not the same ones.

The map is called Sentry Attack and the goal is to escape the rocket at level 10

Ok, so a harder, One way out. What do you have so far?

Level 1: 2 teams fight to get out first, Level 2: get out of the secret base Level 3: get out of the coridoor. Level 4: find the commander and go to level 5. Level 5: the commander cheif fight. Level 6: the maze, Find the exit with the purple key

So what I would do for level 7 is a build, so you can say the stairs, elevator, etc. Any climbing thing is broken, and you have to find the parts all over the 7th floor. And each part is guarded well by sentries and the floor is like a maze, hard to navigate. So when you find all the parts, the climbing thing will be built and will teletport you to the next floor.

How do I link portal together?

You set is to when the last prop part is placed, aka spawned, the teleporter will activate right were the player is standing.

Find a button to open a door?

What do you use to activte it?

you could use fragments found across the area to activate it.

how do you track that

You could use a counter that when the target value of however many fragments you want, then it activates the button.

ok, thanks for the help

No problem. Always happy to help.

What are blocks used for?

To make advanced functions and systems.

Why no try to make a maze, puzzle, or riddle for them to solve.