I'm not the only person experiencing this, right?

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This happens to everyone that shuts their device, if you didn’t shut the device, this is natural

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This happens because of bad internet connection. Check your internet connection.

The server can’t connect. Reload.

I don’t have it, but it may be your internet. Try reconnecting or getting closer to your router.

tried i think Gimkit.com went down again

If you have chromebook, POWER THE COMPUTER OFF, then turn it back on

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It does that to me quite often, even if I did not shut my chromebook

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Im on a chromebook and i have almost no issues with the servers.

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Not bad internet, I didn’t shut my computer, I don’t think Gimkit itself is the problem. It just happens. It is very annoying.

That’s weird. It does that to me multiple times a week

Server lifetime down?

amen dude amen, preach

Try running this test. Tell me what the total packet loss percentage is when you fish the test.

i would shut down your computer just to restart it, and if that does not work then its just gimkit.

That is what I said as the 7th comment

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seriously bro pay atention

It’s just an internet issue. Try reconnecting to your internet service, or restarting your chromebook. If that doesn’t work, you could get help, right? Try restarting Gimkit and see if it starts loading again.

  • If you think it’s Gimkit related, email hello@gimkit.com.
  • If you think this is a non-Gimkit related issue, I’m sorry, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

maybe you should try this?

Happens to everyone, usually if your internet buffers or if you shut your computer.