I'm not the only person experiencing this, right?

My internet is pretty good.

Well it can still buffer from time to time. If you left your tab open while afk, that might be it, too.

try to shut down your device?

I don’t leave the tab afk. It takes up too much of my garbage computer’s “active tab space”. Everything would just be constantly reloading if I did that.

Also, I have tried shutting my device down.

There’s a Gimkit capability test too? Every day I appreciate @josh more and more.

This is completely normal. You’ll be alright. It’s just internet/wifi issues.

If this keeps continuing, clear your cache, (search up if you don’t know how to) shutdown computer, or restart it.

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do you mean Gimkit - live learning game show (gimkitcom/check)
I think it’s been around for about a year?
So this is not a new feature.

I just never saw it.

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It’s okay don’t worry it’s normal :smile:

This happens to everyone when you close your computer, it doesn’t stay connected to the internet. You can either refresh or press the back button. There is a very small chance that you can reconnect after this. Plus, if your internet changes like from medium to strong, it can also do it.

this sometimes happens when you shut your device or when you loose internet connection because gimkit is a server based game

Mark a solution so this doesn’t stay open and so that less people start trying to explain, get off-topic, and turn this into a chat.

I added resolved. It’s been an entire day already.