I'm not sure how to trigger an event based on whether an object is visible or not

I’m trying to make a FNAF game

Basically, when the animatronic is standing at the door, it needs to check whether the door is visible or not. If it is visible, the animatronic goes back to the beginning. If it is not visible, the animatronic goes in after a randomized time (I know how to randomize, thankfully). Also, how could I do an actually scary jumpscare?

If possible, please provide pictures

Heres a guide with lots of advice and tips. Hope this helps!

Also look at fnaf

I don’t believe the answer to my specific question is in there

ah. Well, i have an idea.
When opening/closing the door, have it update a property (probably true or false, but it doesn’t have to be. whatever you choose). Then, the animatronics can check said property, and decide based on its value. sorry if this is really vague. I’ll try to work more on the idea.

I’m not sure how to do that though. I tried with a wire but I don’t think it works

You use a trigger to update the property to true/false in the block menu of the trigger :D

Counters are better. They use only 25 memory and can update properties.

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