I'm newer and need help

I’m newer to Gimkit Creative and I’ve tried to make a good game but I just don’t know how to make channels and use most of the devices so if anyone could help explain how to make channels and use some of the devices I would really appreciate it!

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channels, you basically just type them in and then on what they activate, you type the channel in, so it activates stuff without wires…they’re hard to explain…

So like if I wanted to make a fishing game I would type in the channel box “Fish” and if I pressed a button it would give me a fish?

My beginner guides are a good starting place.


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So this will make it where I would make it you cant fish without bait?

I think so? Search up fishing guides…there’s a lot


Thank you for your help

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You could also use this.

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After you type in the channel, make an item granter that gives you a fish. Then type under “Grant item when receiving on…” type Fish too.

Ok, thanks! I will use everything you guys have recommended to me to check out.

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