Im gonna need someone good for this

Im going to make a humanoid dragon cave, where each dragon has their own room, I am trying to work on the Green Elder Crystal Dragons Room.
But i dont know what it should look like.

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Do you have anything that you plan on doing right now?

If its a " Crystal dragons room " does it need crystals? And, here is a type of idea for a cave: How to make a decorated cave! ( And a system if wanted! ) 0/10
You can expand the rocks to be as many as you want.

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Maybe since it’s green you make the room green?

Well, yeah, that was an idea, i just need design

Mark a solution if there is one, fellow dragon.

There has not been a solution

What are you making? You’ve been posting very diverse topics.

I WAS needing a help to decorate a room, but now i have different problems.

What’s the problem that your dealing with? Can we help with it?

I’m not sure… here it is.
I need to make a game based off of these english words for extra credit
for the people on the wix, this is a challenge between me and my sister to see who can make the best map

So i dont know where to start.

You can make a thing where… wait what are you using this for?

Extra credit for english class…

Maybe a mystery where they have to find the right definition to go with the word? :person_shrugging:

Maybe for the floor you use the green castle tiles with something else to make it look like it’s broken?

How about base a NPC’s personality on each word, and make the game’s plot as a whole around the word embark? You could go globetrotting and talk to the different dragons that you were designing!

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You should DEFINITLY follow that cave thing (maybe not the crystals because if we being real they need some work but is good overall) I made a dragon before using signs and metal poles, but I’ll have to find the picture.


FINALLY GOT IT, in defense this was the first and only dragon I made-or tried to make at least…idek know what ppl think of it.
Gimkit Dragon


Not to be rude, but… where’s the head?


xD Your fine, like I said first Dragon, still got room to improve

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