How to make a decorated cave! ( And a system if wanted! ) 0/10

This is a guide where you have a decorated cave system!


Use the speckled grey terrain and make it as big as the screen.

Add lots of rocks, and a barrier, and make the barrier without collision. In the end, it should look like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-02 1.29.36 PM


This is the details that you make in the cave! ( First, move the barrier to the side, and place it at the end.) Use some metal signs that look like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-02 4.55.08 PM
Then, you can change the tint and add them in different spots. ( colour doesn’t matter, I picked a few different ones. ) Then, add some rocks everywhere. ( smaller ones )
In the end, it should look similar to this:

( If you’d like, add some moss and dirt to spice up the looks of it a little bit. )

A system that can be used

You can use this guide on the crystals or the rocks: How to make a mineable rock (Please Reply With more ideas) [WIP]
Credit to: @thatOneCringe


Usually art guides are 0/10 :white_large_square: I could change it if you want

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I fixed it to a 0/10!

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Creative guide! It looks really good! Maybe you can make a mining method.

For those who want to mine it…

Get a button, and make it translate a channel and make that channel deactivate the crystals you want. Then, make a trigger so when they receive the channel that deactivated the crystals, add a delay of however long you want so after, make it transmit a channel that shows it.

You can then use item Granters to give them an item!

But just saying so you can also add that to your guide if you want!

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this is short and not really needed (WE NEED A BREAK FROM ART GUIDES) so maybe make this a guide on caves and include decoration and systems?


I like how you used metal signs for crystals!
This earns the
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I added a thing, where you can make a rock or crystal mineable! Credit to @thatOneCringe