Im gonna make Fnaf 3!

So I can make the map and everything, but the AI. The lures are very complicated, so can u guys help? The phantoms, errors, vents and the actual design for spring trap I got it sorted too.

This should help

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btw do u have a top down fnaf 3 map too?


Maybe this will help?

[ :scroll: ] The Ultimate Guide To FNAF!

thats for fnaf 1

The ais still help tho

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It can still work for some of the game though, the AI part done

maybe another player is springtrap, and the others are either phantoms, or the nightguard (Mike if you know the lore)

springtrap can be on team 3, and be able to tag you and end the game. the phantoms can be on team 2 and be able to tag you but not end the game. and the nightguard can be on team 1

I play this game too much :smiling_face_with_tear:

Im using AIs, I don’t use players, Springtrap will move on his own, as with all the other phantoms.

what if the phantoms are players?

at least then you’re trying to beat the AI, rather than the players

Naw use randomizers as posted here it will be better than playersHow to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version)
Have random for phantoms depending on the night and random where springtrap will go vent, stay, go forward, etc. and won’t even be as difficult as fnaf 1 since its 1 animatronic having a path and a random chance of phantoms and errors!
And go to my canva or the alternate wix and I can help after break!

thx I needed this

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