I'm currently making a Need More Heat game on gimkit any suggestions are welcome

Suggestions are welcome!

Any rudeness or large criticism will not be tolerated by me.

Criticism is allowed but don’t be a keyboard warrior.

If you don’t know Need More Heat is a Roblox game, this is simply a knockoff of it.

wip is only for guides and this belongs in Help also I suggest adding more as some people don’t know the game

idk know what this is i dont play roblox but a 2v2v4 match maybe

oh alright thanks for the info

@MrMan you cannot claim rights to remaking need more heat in fact someone else is already making it and by explanation I meant the what need more heat is

oh ok i didn’t know sorry

welcome to the forums @MrMan (aka kid i know in school)

Wow how did u know that i was me?

  1. because ur the only person i know making this
  2. lets stay on topic (during lunch tomorrow I can teach u bout the forums)

Ima go work on the game

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This is in community guides, and it should be in help, so I would advise change it, to avoid trouble.

But sure, just copy the game. I’ve tried need more cold, so just copy the normal game, I guess.

Need More Heat is a game on Roblox where you take on the role of a kid trying to skip school. he does various tasks to do raise his temp. there are multiple endings when doing so.

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oh intentinolly getting sick just work out on the tredmill for a min or two sprinting

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youll over heat if you wear pants and a jacket

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@Foxy, there is no need to be pushy to new people. They don’t know much about the forums If they have not reviewed posts before making one. All you have to do is give them a welcome, letting them know about the FAQ and the TOS. I suggest that be a nicer welcome to let them know what is right, what is not, and what they should do.

I know I mean’t for others

dont worry, i know this dude in real life and ill give him the gist of it tommorow.

but to give him a vague welcome, here.

Welcome to the forums @MrMan !

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No need to argue…

Plus foxy just wanted to say something. But now it’s my turn.

Welcome to the community! I recommend reading the FAQ and TOS to get the gist of stuff here. I hope you have a great time here MrMan!

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Add an task where one task leads you into the original ending, and the other gives you the “on-fire” ending. (too much heat!!)