I'm currently making a Need More Heat game on gimkit any suggestions are welcome

that’s a pretty good idea thanks for the advice

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I will first work on the endings that are in the real game and maybe make some custom endings so people don’t get bored after completing the main endings

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make an ending where he gets caught!

Yes, but in the real game, he goes up to his dad to ask for his temp so his dad will think he’s sick so making him get caught makes no sense. But i will think of a way to make that an ending

i meant like he gets caught skipping school

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Hmmm ok good idea I’ll try that

Also, please keep this as a help topic, the CMG tag is for guides on helping others, not suggestions.

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woah, this just turned into a help tag

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what? its supposed to be community made guides.

Yeah, Regulars can rename and recategorize topics. I’m not a regular, so someone else did.

Why should it be a guide?

A guide is when you show something, like to make something.

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Yeah, GimSolver is much better at explaining, Lol.

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Wait, quick question, is the ideas tag for a theory/idea that could we could do, or like, we need ideas? Cause I see people flip flop it

Blow Up School Ending

Wildfire ending, the whole world catches on fire

Let just say, I think the Insanity Ending and Fatal Ending are out of the question.

That is actually what happens in the original ending, you pull the sun to the earth and the earth catches on fire.

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