I'm bored again, can I have map Ideas

They must be decently hard, like using block code or difficult mechanics. (Also don’t give me any links to guides, I read them all and didn’t find anything interesting)

I ran out of likes, and probably won’t be able to respond until later…

so you want something hard to work on?
a game or a mechanic?

Will this help u?

Yes, I do
And @Morpeko, thanks for the guide, but I already looked at it and didn’t find anything interesting

A rpg style game where you have to complete a goal, but you have a timer that will end the game if you run out. You have to complete quests to add more time onto your timer

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Cool! Love it.

…uhhhh u spelt my name wrong so i didnt get pinged….

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Yeah, My bad, lol.

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Maybe find a way to make a sort-of moving boat, where you can press buttons to move it.

BONUS: Make it so you can fish on the boat.

Be the first person to make a good Pokemon game with memory efficiency and everything

100 games fit into one map lol

Memory makes that impossible unless they aren’t good games/minigames.

I like @gimmaster12345 ('s) boat idea, you could expand on that and make it a vehicle game where you are boxed in with barriers and have to navigate solely with the vehicles.

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5 games in 1

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You could possibly do a collection of mini games like previously suggested. The goal of the game is to complete the most (or all) of the mini games.

no one has yet to make an actually good Fortnite… try doing that?

Welcome to that forums @Ben_to_the_10th!

That seems a little bit easy though, for Crimson_Knight.
But good idea anyways! (You could do some extra parts to make it harder.)

No, Fortnite is is Fortnite. This is Gimkit.

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Alright thanks! I still need to get to know everyone’s skill levels here.

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make a graphing calculator