Illuminati Confirmed

How do you make an active spinning tower

Use an animation guide.

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Whaaat? Like the tower is constantly moving? Animation.

this might be considered off topic and I suggest changing that name.

Why? This is not off topic, as it concerns building something in GKC. In fact, this is the most on topic a post can get.


@getrithekd, just don’t respond.

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There is such thing as a Animation???

Just use animation, and have it as a repeating function of off and on.

I meant the name of the post.

It’s just activating and deactivating props one at a time.

Yes, and it is very much possible.

It signals that they want an illuminati tower. Idk what that is, but that’s what I gathered from the post.

yeah I guess that’s fair.

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I think he is talking about the name, not the actual post itself.

Read the rest of the replies.

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I know, I saw, I sorry :slight_smile:

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