If you had the power to create your own Gimkit gamemode with your own devices and assets, what would you do?

Definitely something with melee weapons. Ooh, maybe a role-choosing snowbrawl-type game (using a character choosing mechanic) where you can choose from both melee and ranged fighters.
Any WoW players here? Kinda like that

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I would create a game like Mario or sonic. I definitely see this being added one day.


why delete it, hikiko? that’s fine!

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i will add this gim

or this gim

or i will add a spiderman type of game but with grapple hooks or if josh gets a license, a web shooter

Grapple hooks would be fun!!

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What if they added sports mechanics, or at least possible sports mechanics, like decreasing the size of the ball to a way that you could use it like a ping-pong ball, and use the new mining mechanic to have a melee weapon.

A melee weapon would change the game for sports in Gimkit, including the kind of activities like a passable ball, soccer, and if they include a game you can swim in, or just water in general, a game like swimming, water polo, or the like.

Football would be possible, I guess, but if they included sentries you could program like THEHACKER120 suggested, it would make defending a blocking, or otherwise sentry interactions much easier, with the new Npc interactions working just as well.

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A hide in go seak map with the invisible device to make you invisible

I wish you could make your own weapon stats to be able to make fn weapon mods.

If the sentries could move around that would be amazing!

Maybe a 3D Game mode would be Cool.

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That would kinda completely change ‘Gimkit’ into a whole new thing. GK is already changing fast enough, just look at how fast all these modes are being pumped out.

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It’s not just you. Literally everyone in the librekit community thinks that 3D gamemodes would be a great thing to add.

If I do that myself I’d probably use A-Frame. Not sure what Josh would use though.

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Yes but we should probably try and get the 1D gamemodes implemented, they haven’t been worked on at all basically. idk how most of the blueboat interactions work and I’ve been struggling to find out, but when I do I’m gonna try and upgrade the host screen.

For context, librekit like half supports classic mode and that’s it at the moment, we should be focusing on getting that working before we jump to 3D.