If you had the power to create your own Gimkit gamemode with your own devices and assets, what would you do?

I’m the creator of librekit, a free (as in freedom) from-scratch re-implementation of Gimkit, with both client-side and server-side implementations. And with this comes the power to create custom gamemodes.

There are certainly some scenarios where this could get problematic (just ask @top-z), but I believe that this can be really good if done right.

So naturally I should ask the community: Imagine that everyone has all of the source code, tools, etc. needed to make your own Gimkit gamemode. What would you do? And how would you prevent it from turning into chaos?

(EDIT: This isn’t specific to librekit! This thread is more about what you feel is missing in GKC.)


I’d create an online game. Something like GTA or Fortnite.

ill add more later

What’s this post for? I think it should go into Devices btw


I’d create an online game. Something like GTA or Fortnite.

vague but sounds interesting

I think it should go into Devices btw


What I mean is that it’s sort of like an online multiplayer game with multiple choices. For one, like Fortnite, even though it sounds like only a Battle Royale game, there’s lots of diversity. You could go into sandbox mode or play games made by other creators. So it’s sorta like Minecraft ig with the server-style thing.

this just sounds like Gimkit creative honestly

yeah but in gkc ppl cant get on whenever they want

With a server/realm type of game, people could go on as they wish, without a host.

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I would love to see a lot more weapon customization, not only just doing more damage and shooting faster, but shotgun bullet mechanics and being able to reload one ammo at a time for something like the evil eye reloading 1 ammo every second and storing 4 total when not shooting, along with a melee weapon system.


:thinking: this sounds really cool

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Hm… this is interesting. Also, I think maybe we should work on (i swear im gonna do some work im overloaded with schoolwork atm) on getting all the 1D Gamemodes working completely first before making the 2D client and custom gamemodes lol


Oh, and I would rephrase it as modded gamemodes rather than as a full game in the image of the official ones, I don’t think josh would interpret this as a fun project if the he sees plan is making new “kind of official gamemodes with new features”.

If josh sees this as a competitor to gimkit, life gets a lot harder lol


Make Sonic Generations

make ai.

There taking over!1!!!11!1!!!1!11!!!111!!!


yes agreeing with spike lord, more weapon mechanics, and maybe more diversty in types of game mode, like 1st person, and 3rd person points of veiw, with 2d wiew too

I’m not sure if you can sort of due that, i would email the support team at hello@gimkit.com or email josh directly at josh@gimkit.com.


Did you read the topic? lol


I’ve looked through the codeberg and I’m confused. What does this actually do? Is it a custom client or what? I see supports Gimkit account on the list, what does that even mean?

Librekit is a recreation of gimkit’s frontend- think of it like a minecraft client like optifine.
When it says that it supports gimkit accounts, that means you can log into your gimkit account through Librekit and play gimkit through the Librekit frontend.

What hexa is referring to with this topic is the idea of serverside mods, think, for example, a minecraft server like hypixel with it’s custom gamemodes, things that can’t be done only by modifying the client.


Player properties like customization-wise and physics, a player movement detector, and more math blocks like vectors, matrices. Honestly, more blcoks in general.

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i would do sum like a boss fight


Ability to have moving props in-game, maybe even a datastore-like system that allows the player to save progress.