Ideas to add to my map

I don’t want any crazy ideas or anything that needs blocks because I’m still in tutorials for making and using blocks.

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Make a can of plants that are growing wooden wands inside that you can break open and collect.


I might try, what do you need to do it, and do you need blocks?

No. Plant canister with damge enabled+item spawner.

Something like this


I could put that in one of the secret rooms I made, I’m still trying to work out the teleporters for it though. Also, what level(rarity) it should be?

An invisible maze (with walls that are the same terrain as the floor), a secret weaponry, a shooting range that gives you stuff for shooting the targets.

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I already have something like that, but I’m not going to disregard it, I could use it in a later map, or in a lost room.

You should add a manor with trip wires that alert the guards (sentries), and the goal is to break in and rob the rich person that lives there.


like a little mini-game? @Here_to_help

anybody else? I want this to on as long as possible, before I have to put to the end

Yes. Just something not huge, not the focus, more of a bonus side task.

What do you mean? the mini game or another idea? @Here_to_help

Mini game within your main game.

ok thanks for clearing up the confusion.

anybody else have an idea to add to my map(s)

I don’t have much to say I am a map desinger not a coder so I can’t make anything crazy but making a crazy map.

me to, I don’t want crazy, more like regular ideas

Those have meanings.

Make a King Of The Flag Game, where you try to be the person who holds a flag the longest.

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